FO containment

Protecting your investment

The HUBER+SUHNER fiber containment solution can be installed under-floor or overhead and provides a secure and stress-free routing channel for fiber optic cabling within a data center. Curved fittings such as cross-pieces, tees and elbows are specifically designed to protect fibers so that a minimum bend-radius of 30mm is maintained at all times. Components of the system include straight channels, horizontal and vertical drop-offs and non-intrusive “over-the-top exits” to equipment cabinets. Additionally, all of the necessary mounting brackets and accessories are available to provide a fast and trouble-free installation. Protective covers can also be added to individual components if a higher degree of protection is required. To reduce installation time by half, all components are pre-fitted with joiners making HUBER+SUHNER's containment system one of the fastest, easiest-to-use and most expandable solutions on the market.

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