High density fiber management systems

High-density, flexible and scalable

The side access range from HUBER+SUHNER is one of the world's highest density fiber management systems. We offer full-height cabinets with a density of 3000 fibers per rack in a depth of only 300mm. We can also scale this down to wall-mounted cabinets offering only a few hundred fibers.
Inside the cabinet is an intelligent and flexible fiber tray that can be used for almost any application or termination method. For example, the fiber tray can be utilised for pigtail-splicing, pre-assembled to a cable system or supplied as an MTP based system for fast deployments and to meet the evolution paths of 40G and 100G links.
HUBER+SUHNER's side access system is focused on speed of installation and speed of access. The fiber tray can be installed in only a few seconds and access can be made at any time without the need for tooling and without the need to disrupt pre-installed live fibers. Furthermore, the system is completely accessible from the front side of the cabinet which means that racks can be positioned against an unused wall or back to back to double the density of ports per floor tile.
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