Optical transport systems

HUBER+SUHNER design and manufacture reliable optical transport systems which deliver carrier grade performance. Our broad range of products includes wavelength division multiplexers, splitters, coupler, switches, transceivers and active transport systems.

Our combination of state of the art technology and application focus means that we can deliver end-to-end solutions to network owners, carriers, ISPs, IXs and data center operators.

In addition to our excellence in passive fiber optical components, we are also driving the next generation of high-speed pluggable 40 Gbase and 100 Gbase transceivers. By integrating active elements such as lasers, detectors and amplifiers, HUBER+SUHNER is the perfect partner for the most complex and challenging transmission projects.

Reduced CAPEX by as much as 50%
Deploying passive optical transport systems can reduce CAPEX by over 50 %
compared to equivalent active systems. Furthermore, long term operational costs can be reduced significantly without any limitations on performance, latency or reliability. Lower costs doesn’t mean lower performance, on the contrary: our patented "cube" technology has been successfully deployed across tens of thousands of data nodes and in the most demanding environments.

Flexibility,reach and guaranteed low latency
Passive optical transport systems are flexible and can accommodate data rates from just a few Mbps to multiple 100 Gbps lanes per fiber pair. Distances can range from a few meters over multimode fibers to more than a few hundred kilometers over singlemode fiber. Multi-channel bi-directional transport is easily accommodated by the passive system and extremely low latency makes our product the preferred choice for companies operating in the finance sector.

Providing a complete solution
Although passive transport is the first choice for the majority of applications, some applications still require the additional use of active systems for demarcation, reach extension or conversion. Whether we are transporting many 10 Gbps streams over up to 150 kilometers or providing simple, cost effective CPE equipment, we deliver the most comprehensive range of data transport solutions.

Customer focus and professional consultancy
Providing high performance transport systems doesn’t just depend on high-quality components and systems but also includes the consultancy aspect. We work closely with our customers on network design and also assist with the provisioning, installation and maintenance of their network.

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